Today is Sunday, November 28th 2021.

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Zumba® Fitness

New life style which gives you smile, new energy and will to live and experience something new every day - new moves, new music, new friends, new real social life.

Best Instructor in Cork

My students are asking me, what I take to have this energy. The energy I give into every step and every move and more. I give this energy to you so we could experience the joy of Zumba® workout toghether.
Join my classes and have this fun every time.

Fantastic classes in Cork

Are you looking for great fun, new experience, going out regardless of weather, meeting new people or having lots of laugh with your friends ??
Zumba® class is what you have been looking for. Hot Latin American rhythms and energizing music make you forget (for about an hour :) about everyday things.
Good laugh of ourselves makes you burning fat and toning up your body. And also gives you extra boost to feel better.